Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting creative with the Hubs

So earlier this month my Hubby tells me he'd like to get in to scrapbooking and "do what I do" ... What the February?? He wants to be "creative"?? This is awesome!!! So we checked out this months class calendar at the Paper Niche and decided on two classes we'd like to take. The first was the Stamp of the Month class featuring the Inky Antics HoneyPOP Collection taught by Jean. It was great, we had to opportunity to make two cards using the Inky Antics HoneyPOP stamps, honeycomb tissue paper pads and Copic markers. I still can't get over how interested the Hubs was about the class, and Jean is an excellent teacher very patient, especially when we were running behind and had to switch trays with our other class mates.

These were the first set of cards we made. Mine is the one on the right which was like the sample Jean had presented, the left one is Hubby's he was creative and chose a different color for the frosting. We used the Copic sketch markers to color in the cupcakes, cherries and the chickie birds. We had never used Copics before, ( I know hard to believe cause I work at the Niche) but it's true I tried to resist the temptation of adding yet another tool to the arsenal of creativity. Jean's one class has me hooked so needless to say I'll have to invest in a few. I digress...

These are the insides of our cards, mine is the one on the top, I over achieved and added a little highlight to the cherry on top. The Inky Antics rubber stamp sets have all the images you need to create these adorable cards. In the set of stamps are the patters to cut the honeycomb paper to create the center cupcake. As Jean showed us we had to make sure we line up the stamp a certain way to ensure when the cards are opened the honeycomb paper opens the right way creating the effect of a frosted cupcake with a cherry on top.

The second cards we made, which truth be told had us hooked to take the class, were these ever so cute monkey cards. Since almost everything we have for the baby is monkey themed we're always on the lookout for any and everything monkey. We made these cards the same as before using the Inky Antics HoneyPOP collection, the honeycomb paper and Copic markers. This second time around we were "pros" and delved a little deeper into what we could create with the stamps and coloring with the Copics.

So the left side is the Hubby's and the right is mine, his own was more like Jean's sample and I got a little more confident with the Copic markers. You can tell by the close up that I added some rosy cheeks and by using a darker brown added some shadows by the monkey's ears and under his chin. The inside is where we had the most fun...

The Hubs had the brilliant idea of saying "Why don't we add falling bananas since the monkey looks like he's shaking the tree"!!! I knew I married this man for a reason!!! In the stamp set were individual bananas and leaves we configured them on our acrylic block and stamped away. After all it was a Stamp of the Month class. The Hubby's is on the top by this time he already glued in his tree so it was hard to stamp around it. I of course had to over achieve again, mine has more leaves and bananas since I had not glued my tree in to place when he had his masterful idea. We colored in the leaves and the bananas with the Copic markers. Our class mates were impressed with the idea of adding the additional leaves and fruit that one even took a picture of our cards. We were very happy to have taken this class and had the chance to share it with some talented ladies. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class at the Paper Niche I hope you consider one of Jean's Stamp of the Month classes. Thanks again Jean! I'll blog about the second class the Hubby and I are taking later. Check out the this link to learn more about the Inky Antics HoneyPOP collection.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

SMASH the baby...

Ok so before you go calling DCF on me, the baby is fine. Better than fine, really he's amazing! He's rolling over, and squealing. He's even trying to eat with a spoon. So why is the title of this post "SMASH the baby"? I'm talking about the new trend in scrapbooking.

K&Co. came out with this "SMASH" Book, really you can "SMASH" with any type of journal but I like the K&Co kind because they have different accouterments that you can use to "SMASH" the things that you like. The greatest thing is, you can "SMASH" anything, from your family photos, things that inspire you, ideas that you may have for just about anything.

I have choosen to "SMASH" Darin because it's a quick way to get my creative fix during one of his infrequent naps. Plus, I think it is a great memento for him to have when he gets older to remind him just how much joy he has brought to my life. Take a look at some of the pages I have created.

As you can see, the books come with pre-designed base pages and you just add your ideas and photos on top, you have the freedom to incorporate the pre-printed designs or just cover it up. There is no right or wrong way. A great feature that comes with the book is the "nifty" pen and glue stick combo. You can use the glue stick to adhere the item of your choice then use the pen to make your notations.

There are several different journals to choose from and each book has a different themed pages. The pages are so unique which are great for me because I have the worst hand writing, but with the "SMASH" books, I don't have to be perfect. Oh, and if you like to doodle the pen is perfect for that. Some of the accessories include black & white polka dotted tape, mini envelopes to hold the smallest inspirations, page clips and page tabs to section off your "SMASH" book. I have to say "SMASHing" the baby is quite fun I had to get the Hubs one.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dusting off the cobwebs . . .

Um . . . Talk about being neglectful. I have not posted anything since October 6, 2010. Really!! Well, much has happened since then; I finally had the chance to take an ATC class with Luci at the Paper Niche. The holidays came and went, a new year passed by and I gave birth to my son 3 weeks early. Darin Augustino Reyes decided he wanted out on January 22nd, one day premature but healthy and strong as ever.

Now I know I dedicated this blog to all things creative. So, I'm taking liberty with the "creativity" side and since I helped create Darin, as a new mother there are a few things that have occurred that I had to write about. I'll spare the details of the pains of labor and delivery because really, when you tell people you’re pregnant, the women with the worst stories insist on telling you theirs. Don't get me wrong I found all the stories I've heard to be very insightful. Some of them useful, as I birthed another human being. For instance how to push. I did not take any of the birthing classes nor did I watch the DVD that my best friend so thoughtfully burned for me. So when it was time to push, it took a few to get the hang of it. Yes it is painful, yes the epidural works wonders.

I'm an educated person, I have a BA in Graphic Design (I don't like to throw it around) however the best way to feel like a complete idiot is to take your new baby out for the first time in public and attempt to unload them from the car. It took a good 10 minutes to figure out how to unfold his stroller, as people were staring some possibly even snickered. The next issue was how to maneuver said stroller as I opened doors and tried not to run my foot over. I should have purchased it earlier so I would have practiced how to push this thing. Yes, I believe the should have a stroller steering course cause I sure needed it. I sort of kinda still do. Of course, the highlight of ending my adventure was folding the stroller and getting it back into the trunk of my car. I'm still having issues with the folding stroller back part too. I'm sure the veteran Moms are laughing while reading this.

Bottles, bottle everywhere but mom could use one with a good stiff drink. In my younger wilder days I toyed with the idea of becoming a bar tender. The idea of mixing drinks, adding fruity garnish and pretty umbrellas to them, working the fast pace of a weekend crowd looking some courage in a bottle always intrigued me. Well, I got my wish so to speak, not mixing up intoxicating libations but baby formula. The evening routine of setting up Darin's nightly bottles reminds me of a bar keep filling her orders. The bottle system we’re using has 4 components that need to be broken down and put together for each bottle, at first I was careful and took my time added just the right amount of water. Now, I set up 3 bottles in 20 seconds flat, it’s like a “G” rated version of the movie “Cocktail”.

I read in a book that “As soon as you see your baby for the first time you’ll fall in love with them”. I read in another book that the writer “Was not sure how you could fall in love with a person you just met, even if you gave birth to them”. For me I didn’t have to fall in love with Darin. I just loved him. As natural and simple as that, I didn’t have to try to feel anything. It just is, and I treasure every little moment we have. What I have learned so far as a new Mother, your time is not your own and to get over it quickly because there is someone who is more dependant on you than anyone else you will meet in this lifetime. Also, 8 hours of sleep is for sissies.