Thursday, February 11, 2010

So I closed my eyes and jumped in . . .

I have been toying with the idea of creating a Blog for a while now. But what would I write about, who would read it, who would find it entertaining other than myself. Yet tonight I bit the proverbial bullet and started a blog. So here is hoping that someone other than me reads it. Here's also hoping someone other than myself will find it entertaining.

I guess the best way to start would be to tell you a little bit about myself. The title of this blog is a very good place to start. The Agony and The Ecstasy was the title of a classic move and novel about Michelangelo, a great artist and thinker of his time. Being a creative person, I too suffer through the agony and the labor it takes to create any art or craft I am working on. I also revel in the Ecstasy once that vision is realized.

I have always been creative, from a very young age I learned how to appreciate the beauty in all things. From the street light reflecting on new fallen snow, to gnarled leafless trees in Autumn. The ocean breeze on my face and the multicolored sunset skies. There is beauty in the sound of a lone violin to the melodic beating of a steel pan. The passion of the spoken word in poetry and pros, even the loud banter of a philosophical discussion. All of these fuel my creative energy.

I was dubbed the West Indian Martha Stewart, which is how I like to think of myself. I can balance both the type A organizer with the Artistic nurturing side. It's a good mix, since I have my own business creating handmade soaps from recyclable materials. I have to balance the running of the business as well as the creative.

On a personal note I am a loving wife, daughter, friend, fairy Godmother and closet SiFi fan. When I'm not busy with the agony and the ecstasy of my creative mind, I enjoy time with family and friends, driving my Hubby nuts and just the journey of this crazy life.
Stay tuned for pics of my creations and other madness in my head.

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  1. The cards are totally awesome
    LOVE them !!!!!