Monday, March 1, 2010

A real labor of Love

Picture it, 2 Sundays ago. It was a lazy day and I spent most of it cleaning my craft area (really the dining area) I packed away all my stamps and Cricut stuff, etc. I finally had a clean dining table! Once I was done I asked the Hubs what he would like to do. "Nothing really , just watch the race." he said. "Fine by me, we can relax at home." I replied. Three minutes into the race I brought back out the stamps, glue, papers and warmed up the computer. Thus began my labor of love.

11 months ago our family was blessed by a baby girl named Anna Grace (I gave her Grace) she is my niece and the darling of the family. She is the muse that inspired my Canvas Frame box. Keeping to a simple color pallet of greens, pinks and white, using techniques that I have learned from reading and from my friends and co-workers, I began the mission of this project.

Of course I used my coupons and bought embellishments on sale and with my discount. I love how this came out. Each page of the book was created by taking smaller collages and then putting them together in to larger pieces. I printed the photos from home and trimmed them to size. I used a myriad of chalk, embossing, stamping and flocking on each page and piece. The box itself is was decorated with flowers, chalk and embossing. I especially like the was the gold tone handle and hinges accent the colors.

I almost hate to give this away, I made it with the intent to give it to my Brother and Sister in-law to commemorate Anna's first birthday in April. We will see how that goes. It really was a pleasure to see how this project developed. I have to say I am really proud of how it came out. I hope when Anna gets older she can appreciate how much time and love was poured in to it.


  1. Girl - your scrap area looks as bad as mine! I always say - if it's not messy, it's not art. :) Good job on the box - it was *lovely* to see in person. You've got to give it away, but that's just an excuse to make another one!

  2. OK I am in Tears that is too cute I love it. I will not spoil the SURPIRSE to Cathy she is going to FLIP When you see's this.

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE SO AWESOME and A great AUNTIE Can not wait till you can teach Anna how to do this kinda stuff. She's so lucky to have such a loving and talented aunt like you.